Welcome to my Gitbook

It's like a personal website, but better.

About Me

Hey there weary traveler, and welcome to my secret lair! My name is Christine and I make and publish tutorials for aspiring game developers in Godot 4, Unreal Engine, and hopefully soon - CryEngine! I love to learn and to teach others, and that's why I decided to put my BSc in Computer Science, plus certifications in Creative Writing, Marketing, Graphic Design, and Web Development to good use by starting to write tutorials on game development for others.
I plan to post more in the future covering other aspects of game development apart from programming tutorials, such as asset design and game logic fundamentals.

Five Steps To Game Development

In this video, you'll be given a guide of five steps to get you started on your game development learning journey (in any game engine).
I've also compiled a list of beginner tutorials to try out, as well as made an outline for a challenge project for you to try out when you're ready (links below). Good luck, and have fun! 😊

Get Started

Don't know where to start? Look no further, here are a few beginner projects to get you on your feet!
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